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5 reasons why you need Fuzzie in your life!

Clear some space on your phone, there’s a new app in town and you’re going to want to make room for it. Here at Fuzzie HQ we’ve been beavering away for months to create an app that you won’t want to live without. And if Fuzzie ain’t on your radar just yet, it’s about time to jump on the bandwagon. Unique to Singapore, Fuzzie provides you with instant cashback every time you make a purchase.

We’re on a mission to change the way you shop for good. So next time you purchase anything, from your morning coffee to your haircut, make sure you check Fuzzie first. Partnering with hundreds of brands like Lazada, Guavapass, and GRAB, Fuzzie will help you save money through instant cashback on everyday essentials that you’d be buying anyway.


How does it work?

It’s simple, really. Just download the app, search for your favourite brands, then purchase a gift card. You’ll receive an instant cashback reward straight into your Fuzzie account (which you can transfer to your bank account, or keep in your Fuzzie wallet for future purchases), and then you’re good to redeem your chosen gift card in person or online. Still not convinced? Here’re 5 reasons why we know you’ll love Fuzzie.

1. You’ll make money by spending money**

If you needed an excuse for a spot of retail therapy, then here it is! Fuzzie’s cashback rates are second to none (anywhere up to 50%), expect your Fuzzie wallet to be full in no time.

2. Quick fix gifting

Forgot your Dad’s birthday… again? Fret not, ping him a Fuzzie gift card and he’ll be none the wiser. Favourite child status: restored.

3. It’s faff free!

No longer will you spend hours rummaging through your bag to locate your purse that’s bulging with cards only to realise you’ve lost the one you’re looking for. With an easy to use app at your fingertips instead, purchasing and redeeming gift cards is a cinch.

4. Cocktail o’clock just got affordable

Yup, there are a whole host of awesome cocktail bars on FUZZIE that are crying out for you to visit. Go on; treat yourself to a guilt-free tipple.

5. It’s a complete life hack

With so many brand partners you really can save on everything; from your morning cuppa java and taxi to work, to your haircuts and monthly fitness membership. Always remember the golden rule: before you purchase anything ever, check FUZZIE first!

New to FUZZIE?

Fuzzie is an online shopping app that helps you save cash, every time you make a purchase! Earn up to 50% cashback whenever you buy an item from over 100 awesome brands featured on our app. Fuzzie is totally free and easy to use. Always remember: before you shop for anything, check Fuzzie first!

Sally Shoult

Sally Shoult

Sally is our resident wordsmith. When not writing for Fuzzie, she can be found eating and drinking her way around Singapore or plotting her next travel adventure abroad.

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