Game-changing privilege Club for insiders everyone is talking about

Game-changing privilege Club for insiders everyone is talking about

Fuzzie is an exclusive, by-invite-only Club that packs in the greatest and most comprehensive range of benefits from hundreds of brands. No other privilege memberships come close to the value we pack in.

The Fuzzie Club uses a revolutionary approach to aggregate the greatest privileges EVER from over 600 popular brands spanning across shopping, food, wellness, beauty, groceries, dry cleaning, mom & kids to insurance, cars, healthcare, staycations, pets and more- a truly one- stop-shop for your everyday needs with huge savings opportunities.

With regular usage, you can easily save $2000 to $6000 every year. Forget about struggling to save small pennies from those micro cashbacks for the public, Fuzzie gives you hands down the biggest savings you will ever get from all our exclusive deals with leading brands.

No other programmes come close to the value we pack in for you.

The game-changer

With Fuzzie Club, you get the equivalent of the best of the major benefits memberships in Singapore plus many additional benefits not found anywhere else (see above diagram). For example, more than just dining privileges, we also provide awesome food delivery deals too. With our vast range of offerings, you will be spoilt for choice...and the best part is that you can have them all!

But not everyone can get in

Only for invited guests.

Fuzzie is an exclusive service with admission strictly by-invitation-only so that we can give you a great experience. By keeping Fuzzie private, merchants feel more comfortable giving awesome privileges that the public simply cannot see and access. And we can devote our resources to give greater attention to the needs and requests of our invited guests.

Quality product loved by many

Fuzzie is all about quality. We pay close attention to the details, making sure the user experience is easy, fun and beautiful. Learn more about our product features.

More and more great companies are adopting Fuzzie

More and more great companies are adopting Fuzzie to dramatically boost employee welfare or expand their reach.

Fuzzie Club pre-launch

We soft launched last Christmas with selected guests and have quickly grown to attract hundreds of brands, corporates and thousands of users. Now in pre-launch mode before the official unveiling, we are opening up to more Fuzzie fans to get in ahead of the crowd at a special pricing. You can start redeeming the Club privileges at our merchants the moment you join the Club.

Welfare giveaway for selected Fuzzie Partners

Our usual price starts from $99.90 per year for each individual. We have teamed up with partner companies to provide complimentary access for their staff.

Your welfare giveaway benefit

  1. Complimentary 1 year membership to the Fuzzie Club without any additional fees
  2. No credit card details required
  3. Read our FAQ for more details on the Fuzzie Club

How to grab your free membership

Follow the instructions given by your HR.

Registration closing date and quantity limit

Refer to your campaign details or speak with your HR.


Get the most out of Fuzzie with our Beginner's Guide

Learn all the hacks to fully maximise your savings. Read the Guide