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10 must-visit long weekend destinations!

Spend most of the time you’re not on vacation planning your next trip? Fuzzie hears ya (that bear is always in vacay mode!). And thanks to living in Singapore, there are seemingly unlimited Asian adventures to be had. But it’s all too easy to get stuck in a travel rut and revert to yet another vacay in Bali. So we reckon it’s high time to whip out those bucket lists and start adding some new must-visit places to the list.

But when you’ve only got a few days to play with, it’s crucial to cram every second with an unforgettable memory. Which is why we’re fans of Klook: a handy itinerary and excursion provider that takes the hassle out of travel planning. From mermaid courses in Boracay (yes, really) to trekking through the magical landscape of Bhutan, you’re bound to find something that will make your vacay a tad more awesome.

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The kooky capital of South Korea, where modern architecture and K-pop meets buddhist temples and street markets, is a must-visit. When you’re not stuffing yourself with bibimbap and soju, be sure to check out Klook’s handy list of awesome things to do in the city and surrounding ‘burbs.


Often overlooked in favour of its Balinese neighbour, Lombok is a jungly landscape bursting with verdant greenery, pearly-white beaches, and oceans teeming with sea turtles. Bali, but better? We’ll leave that for you to decide, but we reckon it’s the perfect combo of culture meets beach vibes.


Fly into Cebu before hopping around the 150 surrounding islands; expect azure waves lapping at the shores of white sandy beaches. For the ultimate adrenalin rush, take a dip in the ocean for a paddle alongside a mighty, yet gentle (phew!), whale shark.



It’s well worth the hassle of negotiating the myriad of rules and regulations required in order to even set foot into this little patch of paradise. But let Klook do the organising with one of its curated treks or tours to make life a little easier. Take. Us. There. Now.


Just up the road in neighbouring Malaysia, this foodie mecca is too close to miss out on. Explore the cultural highlights of Georgetown on a trishaw and eat your way around the city with a foodie tour. When you’ve had your fill of satay, hit the beaches or national parks for an alternative take on the city.


Nothing screams Japan quite like geisha culture, and where better to explore this ancient tradition than the cobbled streets of Kyoto? The food, the culture, the cherry blossom. Need any more excuses to visit? Thought not.


There’s more to Borneo than Orangutans (though a trip wouldn’t be complete without paying a visit to see the king of the swingers). Abundant wildlife, stunning islands, and the almighty Kinabalu Park are just a few of the other reasons why this is a jungle adventure you do not want to miss.


There’s a whole lot more to Taiwan than Taipei (though we recommend a cheeky trip there too!) Why not explore the rural villages and aboriginal culture of Kaohsiung instead? Word on the street is the food is pretty darn tasty to boot.


The distinct culture and rich history of beautiful Bagan is nothing short of mind-blowing. Ancient temples abound, local markets and villages will amaze, and panoramic views of stunning vistas are well worth the trek to Myanmar.



An intoxicating, sensory-overload awaits those who venture to Nepal’s capital, and don’t be fooled into thinking it’s all just about Everest. You’ll find a land steeped in Buddhist traditions, UNESCO-heritage sites, and breathtaking national parks crying out to be explored.

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Sally Shoult

Sally Shoult

Sally is our resident wordsmith. When not writing for Fuzzie, she can be found eating and drinking her way around Singapore or plotting her next travel adventure abroad.

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