How to get FREE Fuzzie Club membership with your promo code

How to get FREE Fuzzie Club membership with your promo code

Fuzzie Club is an exclusive, invite-only membership. Congrats on securing your entry to the Club! Follow these easy steps to activate your free membership and start enjoying all its exciting benefits.

Before you start

  1. Be sure that you have downloaded the Fuzzie App. Download here
  2. Ensure you complete both Parts below or your code will expire.

Part 1: Create a Fuzzie account

Part 2: Get Club membership

Ready to become a member? Activate in just a minute and you're good to go.

Take note

  1. You will see your Club purchase price go to $0 only after you apply your unique promo code. Click on checkout to complete- your card will NOT be charged.
  2. You can choose to cancel anytime without charge (note that cancellation is irreversible).
  3. Read our FAQ to learn more.

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