How to get Fuzzie Club membership with referral and promo code

How to get Fuzzie Club membership with referral and promo code

Congrats for getting invited to join the exclusive Fuzzie Club! Here is how you can get your membership and start enjoying all the exciting benefits it has to offer.

Part 1: Create an account to explore Fuzzie risk-free

Fuzzie is all about transparency. We let you enter the Club with your referral code to see all the benefits and terms before you decide to subscribe.

Part 2: Get Club membership

Ready to subscribe? Join the Club and apply your referral code to get your referral reward. If you have a promo code, you can stack it on top and enjoy a discounted price.

You can combine your referral code and promo code for extra rewards.

Club members get referral powers activated & earn rewards

Now that you are a Fuzzie Club member, you can invite friends to enter the exclusive Fuzzie Club with your referral code and accumulate free credits.  Take Note: Give your referral code in small caps only as All Caps may not work on some devices.

Take full advantage of your referral powers!

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