Ask the expert: Why health screenings are your best bet in preventing illnesses

With chronic 'lifestyle diseases' leading most of Singapore's health woes, health screenings are a simple and effective way to keep your body in tip-top shape. Our health screening expert shares more.

Ask the expert: Why health screenings are your best bet in preventing illnesses

With the global pandemic looming over our heads like a dark cloud for the past two years, the focus on preventive health and wellness has never been more significant. We wash and sanitise our hands, religiously don face masks, and abide by health regulations to protect ourselves from just one virus.

Doesn’t that make you wonder why we don’t seem to take that same fervour in looking out for ourselves when it comes to the broader spectrum of bodily health?

Enter the humble health screening. Health screenings play a huge role in preventative healthcare - keeping our bodies and lifestyles in check before any serious health conditions surface.

With chronic ‘lifestyle diseases’ like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer contributing to more than 50% of deaths in Singapore, early detection is key in managing these health risks before lifelong medication becomes part of your daily routine.

We sat down with Dr Grace from HealthConnexion by Farrer Park Hospital, a Fuzzie healthcare partner, to ask all your burning questions about health screening:

Dr Grace Soo, Resident Physician at HealthConnexion by Farrer Park Hospital

Q: How can health screening be helpful for me? Is it essential for everyone to take it?

A: Just like how we service our cars regularly to prevent breakdowns, health screening is preventive medical care aiming to identify potential health issues early and prevent serious disease.

For example, breast screening by mammogram can detect cancer in the early stages, so that early intervention can ensure a good outcome.

It is recommended for everyone because the comprehensive knowledge of your health is helpful and during screening, health-promoting advice is discussed.

Q: How often should I be doing my health screening?

A: If there are no major health issues, an annual health screening is recommended.

A: We still see many people during this period who come for health screenings and have surfaced medical issues that need follow up.  We provide a safe environment, with our fully vaccinated staff, regular monitoring of health status, and safe-distancing measures.  We have also implemented phone or zoom reviews so as to minimize the need to return to our clinic again.

Q: Many people hold the perception that they shouldn’t go to the doctor if there’s nothing wrong. What is your view on this?

A: Prevention is better than cure. We should look at health screening as a means of improving and fine-tuning one's health.

In fact, it is recommended that you come for screening if you have a family history of illnesses such as cancer, kidney and heart diseases.

It is never too early to have a health screening.
HealthConnexion offers a luxurious experience with zen tranquility.

Q: What are the key health issues that you recommend people do health screenings for?

A: The common issues we screen for are diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, heart conditions, and cancer. Kidney disease and haematological problems such as anaemia are also routinely screened for.

For women, in particular, PAP smears should be done a year after a woman becomes sexually active. Breast screenings with mammograms and ultrasounds, as well as cervical cancer screenings, are also recommended.

As mentioned before, screening detects early-onset diseases before the symptoms become apparent.

At each health screening, we address issues that clients present with or are worried about.  Our doctors also prescribe medication, supplements and vaccinations as needed.

Q: I'm planning to have children. Which health screening package would you recommend?

A: We have a screening package that assesses fertility for males in the sperm analysis test.  This is the premarital package that is very popular, as it also includes the genetic disease of thalassemia, which is common among Asians.

Q: What can I expect at a health screening?

A: Our health screening includes a consultation with the doctor, blood tests, urine tests, diagnostic imaging, and review of results with the doctor with a complete report of all test results with explanations.

You would need to fast for at least 10 hours and be prepared to give stool and urine samples at the clinic. Bring exercise shoes and clothes if you are going to have a treadmill test. Take your hypertension and other medications as usual, except diabetes medication.

HealthConnexion is located at Farrer Park Hospital, right above the Farrer Park MRT.

Q: Can you share with us which are the groups of people who should be going for each type of Fuzzie Health Screening package?

A: HealthConnexion has partnered with Fuzzie to create 4 special health screening packages:

  • Fuzzie Health Screen 1 is a basic screening package suitable for young people in their 20s to 30s who are generally healthy with no other medical conditions.
  • Fuzzie Health Screen 2 is designed for clients who would like to include cancer markers and one imaging modality.  This package is good for clients aged 40 years and above who need mammograms, ultrasound scans of the breast, or treadmill tests.
  • Fuzzie Health Screen 3 is a more comprehensive package. It includes a gynaecological examination with a thin prep test and two imaging choices and is suitable for clients aged 50 years and above.
  • Fuzzie Health Screen 4 is the premier package which includes more advanced screening like the CT calcium score for cardiovascular risk evaluation and Fibrotest Max for fatty liver (quantitative test). It is suitable for clients in their 50s to 60s who prefer a comprehensive package covering most areas of health concerns.

Q:  How should I choose the right Fuzzie Health Screening package for me?

A: You should choose the package based on your health concerns, your present medical conditions, family history and your age group and gender.

Feel free to email or call HealthConnexion at +65 63630505 if you would like us to advise you on the selection of the package suitable for you. Our doctors can also advise you on the package options during the consultation after evaluating your medical history.

Q: How does the Farrer Park Hospital health screening experience stand out from other providers?

A: At HealthConnexion at Farrer Park Hospital, we provide premium service that is customised to your health concerns. Our appointments are also well spaced out to avoid overcrowding and to give our patients our undivided attention.

Patients will be able to experience a calm and soothing ambience of the Japanese Zen Garden, and freshly made refreshments after their screening.

With health screenings becoming increasingly accessible, it’s easier than ever before to schedule a quick and routine screening. In fact, Fuzzie has put together 4 Health Screening Packages at special rates for the Fuzzie Member, starting at just S$260.

View Fuzzie's health screening packages here

Ready to get started on your health screening? Simply open the Fuzzie App to explore these packages by HealthConnexion and book an appointment today.

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