Hot & new arrivals this month

Here are the hot and new brands to look out for! The diverse selection will satisfy your appetite for adventure.

Hot & new arrivals this month

Fuzzie is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Brace yourself for the hot and new arrivals of the month, ranging from ambient restaurants and cosy cafes to innovative bubble teas, skincare and beauty, and many more.

(Plus many more coming your way as we make the final touches before unveiling them. Stay tuned and enjoy!)

1. Ambling Turtle

Immerse in rich Peranakan heritage and get your fill of authentic kuehs and tarts at Ambling Turtle. Its uniquely Peranakan waffles are equally addictive.

Fuzzie Privilege: 1 for 1 Savouries + Drink, 1 for 1 Tart/Cake + Drink, 1 for 1 Coffee/AT Creation (dine-in & takeaway), 20% off total bill for delivery

2. Aroma Truffle

The world's strongest truffle chips, proudly made in Singapore. Truffle lovers rejoice! They sell Truffle condiments and even popcorn for you to enjoy too.

Fuzzie Privilege: 1 for 1 truffle condiments (multiple orders allowed), buy 1 and get the 2nd at 50% off for Truffle Chips and popcorn

3. BJ Milkytea

Have you ever been served bubble tea through a literal hole-in-the-wall by a fluffy hand? At BJ Milkytea, be prepared for a cute surprise. There's also an extensive menu covering everything from Brown Sugar Fresh Milk to mysteriously original creations like Lucky Bear - for you to try out!

Fuzzie Privilege: 2 Milk Tea/Tea of any size/temperature for $3 (multiple orders allowed), 2 Frosties drinks of any size for $4 (multiple orders allowed), 2 Fruit Tea or Macchiato of any size/temperature for $5

4. BLT Fresh

BLT Fresh is a homegrown artisanal sandwich and Panini specialist, serving up some of the freshest and most mouthwatering versions in the country. While you're there, you've got to grab their legendary homemade milkshakes, a rare gem to find.

Fuzzie Privilege: 1 for 1 Panini (multiple orders allowed), 25% off total bill for takeaway & delivery

5. Byblos Grill

Middle Eastern cuisine lovers are in for a treat. Byblos Grill features traditional Lebanese and Turkish dishes cooked by Lebanese Master Chef Mohamad Slim himself, who worked in numerous luxury hotels in the Middle East.  Dig into the addictive Hummus, and be sure to have a taste of the heavenly Lamb Mandi, Byblos Beef Steak, and Chicken Kabsa that have received rave reviews.

Fuzzie Privilege: 25% off total bill & 1 free signature Kunefe dessert worth $14.90 (dine-in & takeaway), 25% off total bill (delivery)

6. Candy K

Credits: The Smart Local

Known for its 18 uniquely themed rooms with the latest light and audio technology, Candy K-Bar brings you a premium Karaoke bar experience. During this covid period, Candy K has transformed itself into a hip dining destination with a range of mains and snacks. While Karaoke is not yet allowed, their cute rooms have become a couple's retreat and you can set your own music and ambience for that perfect date.

Fuzzie Privilege: 1 for 1 mains + 1 for 1 Wine & Sparkling Water (glass or bottle) for dine-in & takeaway. You can combine both privileges and multiple orders are allowed

7. Cappadocia

Transport yourself to the ancient Cappadocia region (today's Turkey) with Cappadocia restaurant's authentic Halal Turkish cuisine. Dishes are prepared by none other than Master Chef Mohamad Slim who has worked in Burj Al Arab, the only seven-star hotel and signature landmark of Dubai. Come and savour mouthwatering Turkish steaks, kebabs, mandis and famously chewy desserts such as the kunefe, regarded as one of Turkey's finest treats.

Fuzzie Privilege: 25% off total bill & 1 free signature Kunefe dessert worth $14.90 (dine-in & takeaway), 25% off total bill for delivery

8. Chinois Spa @ Hotel Fort Canning

Located at the tranquil 5-star luxury heritage Hotel Fort Canning, Chinois Spa has a 12-year track record and is famous for their unique Organic Aromatherapy treatments that will leave you feeling fully revitalised. Come here to melt away all your worries and aches and connect with your inner Zen in a natural oasis.

Fuzzie Privilege: 80 mins Fuzzie tranquility escape for singles at $108 (UP $170), 80 mins Fuzzie Tranquility Escape for couples at $208 (UP $340), 1 for 1 60 min organic aromatherapy facial with couple room at $158 nett

9. Dim Sum Haus

Arguably one of the best handmade dim sum places here, they stay true to an authentic Hong Kong experience while keeping prices affordable. Must try their signature Baked Salted Egg Custard Bun that will melt in your mouth and leave you fully satisfied.

Fuzzie Privilege: 1 for 1 steamed, pan/deep-fried, congee & dessert (multiple orders allowed for every 2 diners) for dine-in and takeaway; 25% off regular price items with min spend $50 for delivery and self-collection

10. Happy Vet

Have your pets checked and treated right from their homes, where they feel most comfortable and secure.

Fuzzie Privilege: Special member rates (check out the details on the Fuzzie App)- We can't disclose savings due to regulatory guidelines.

11. KPO Cafe Bar

Can't decide between western and local cuisine? Why not have them both at renowned local bar KPO. Its Hokkien Mee, Nasi Lemak and pastas are all crowd favourites. During this Covid period, KPO also offers hearty and budget-friendly $10 meal boxes to keep you going, available for pickup and delivery.

Fuzzie Privilege: 1 for 1 Local Delights/Shared Plates mains for dine-in and takeaway (multiple orders allowed)

12. Lai Lai Taiwan Casual Dining

Brought in from Taiwan, Lai Lai serves affordable and authentic Taiwanese food, famous especially for their Braised Pork Rice and street snacks. Complete your Taiwanese meal experience with their freshly brewed Bubble Tea series, of course!

Fuzzie Privilege: 1 for 1 Fuzzie Set Meal at $29.90 (multiple orders allowed) (dine-in and takeaway), 20% off total bill (delivery)

13. Our Art Studio

It doesn't matter if you are a novice or an artist. As long as you have a passion for art, Our Art Studio (OAS) welcomes you. Classes are customized to your abilities, so students of any level can hone their craft. Looking for fun workshops to attend with friends? OAS offers a range of enriching programs featuring both Eastern and Western styles, from acrylic painting and watercolour to Chinese ink, clay, and more.

Fuzzie Privilege: 30% off trial classes, 10% off any 10 classes, 20% off workshops

14. Peng Cheng Xiao Chu

Peng Cheng Xiao Chu transports you back to the ancient city of Peng Cheng with its authentic Chinese Jiangsu dishes, the first of its kind in Singapore. Its well-known Ground Pot dishes will not disappoint.

Fuzzie Privilege: 1 for 1 mains (dine-in & takeaway), 30% off Fuzzie Set Menu for delivery (Choice of 2 pax or 4 pax)

15. RedDot Brewhouse

Singapore's pioneering microbrewery, RedDot BrewHouse's team of artisans freshly homebrews all their drinks at Dempsey Hill.  Unfiltered and unpasteurised, RedDot's beer comes in an eclectic range of flavours that simply beckons you to try and discover. Led by Singapore's first female certified Brewmaster, Crystalla Huang.

Fuzzie Privilege: 30% off all bottled beer for physical store and online purchases

16. Skye Organic Hair and Scalp Wellness

An award-winning, one-stop salon, Skye Organic offers professional services with high-quality, non-toxic herbal products, including haircuts, colouring, and signature treatments, such as the 24K and 999K Brazilian Keratin Treatment for silky soft and smooth, voluminous hair.  Their treatments cater to all women, including expectant mothers, and they also provide organic hair regrowth services too.

Fuzzie Privilege: $88 Sunflower Oil Organic Hair Colour Package (UP $342), $78 Tea Tree Oil Organic Hair Colour Package (UP $330), 50% off for Partial, Full Highlights & Hair Cut (stackable)

17. Societea

Have a fun and quirky time at Societea. This homegrown brand offers cute and innovative drinks like the Lychee Bellini Roo Roo and Peach Swan Swan Tea. Don't forget to take pictures with the drink afterward, featuring their adorable cat mascot.

Fuzzie Privilege: 30% off total bill with min 2 cups

18. South Union Park

South Union Park prides itself on the freshness and craftsmanship of food produced in-house. Its pasta, burgers, and desserts are original and simply delicious. Have a taste of the signature Chocolate Pappardelle, Roast Wagyu Beef, SUP Brownie, and many more!

Fuzzie Privilege: 1 for 1 mains or pastas (multiple orders allowed for every 2 diners)

19. Stirling Steaks

On the lookout for quality charcoal-grilled steaks? Stirling Steaks grills their steaks over traditional charcoal for that natural smoky aroma. Paired with signature Sitrling Sauce, they are tasty at a budget-friendly price. Take your pick among 10 types of steak cuts including tomahawk, ribeye, tenderloin, flat iron, and others.

Fuzzie Privilege: 1 for 1 Steaks & Mains for dine-in and takeaway (multiple orders allowed)

20. Yi Jia South Village Seafood Restaurant

Come to Yi Jia for a laidback, cosy neighbourhood ambience and scrumptious local seafood dishes. Its famous Salted Egg Crab, Chai Po Tofu, Fish Head Steamboat, and Curry Fish Head are not to be missed.

Fuzzie Privilege: Set Menu for 2 for $48+ (UP $74+), Set Menu for 4 for $88+ (UP $144+) for dine-in, takeaway and delivery (multiple orders allowed)

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