Enhance your home living experience with IUIGA

Making small changes to different aspects of your home can dramatically improve the way you live. Now with Fuzzie's exclusive discounts at IUIGA, it gets even better.

Enhance your home living experience with IUIGA

NOTE: IUIGA is no longer available on Fuzzie

As the saying goes, home is where the heart is. Now, with the prevalence of home-based work and learning, we are spending more time at home than ever before. Making small changes to different aspects of your home can dramatically improve the way you live. If you are looking to enhance your home living experience without breaking the bank, IUIGA may well be the answer for you.

IUIGA believes quality does not have to be expensive. By going for the world's best undiscovered manufacturers, it is able to get rid of traditional markups altogether. Besides that, all pricing is made transparent so you know what goes into the costs of your products.

With Fuzzie's help, you get to enjoy extra discounts on top of the affordable prices. Check out what IUIGA has in store for you.

Wide variety of creative products all on exclusive Fuzzie discounts

Living in a big city with a hectic schedule, it is easy to miss out on small things. Taking care of your loved ones while keeping your home spick and span can be challenging. IUIGA's household products are designed to solve common household problems and bring more comfort to your daily life.

Expect a wide breadth of products found at IUIGA, from furnishing, cleaning, storage, and home decor to travel, healthcare, baby care, kitchen supplies, and many more. There are even products specially designed to help you with caretaking your pets.

Besides offering variety, IUIGA products are also known for their innovative edge. From cordless spray spin mop that comes with a one-click spray for cleaning to the air fryer, a healthier alternative to deep-frying frozen foods, technology meets consideration for customer needs.

Wait, there's more! Check out these hand-picked exclusive discounts:

Top 5 Best-Selling SKUs on Fuzzie specials

The top 5 best-selling SKUs in IUIGA are the smart kitchen robot, IPL hair removal device, cordless vacuum cleaner, Albinus Low EMF Hair Dryer, and the 2L Hot Water Dispenser. Each item comes with its own special features that increase the efficiency of household tasks.

Smart Kitchen Robot

Contains over 1000 cloud recipes and is effectively time-saving.

Usual Price: S$989
Traditional Price: S$2398

Fuzzie privilege: $50 off

IPL hair removal device

Allows you to remove body hair painlessly in the comfort of your home.

Usual Price: S$229.90
Traditional Price: S$499

Fuzzie privilege: $15 off

Cordless vacuum cleaner

Has strong suction and long battery life, suitable for all floor types.

Usual Price: S$199.90
Traditional Price: S$499.00

Fuzzie privilege: $15 off

Albinus Low EMF Hair Dryer

Far-infrared heat reduces drying time.

Usual Price: S$59.90
Traditional Price: S$110.00

Fuzzie privilege: $20 off

2L hot water dispenser

Fast heating and four water temperature modes make for easy brewing of beverages.

Usual Price: S$149.90
Traditional Price: S$199.90

Fuzzie privilege: $20 off

If you are looking for quality products at honest prices, shop IUIGA and you may just find what you need.

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