Luxurious spa treatments to ease your aches and pains away

Working hard and only have stiff joints to show for it? Pamper yourself instead with our spa and massage recommendations.

Luxurious spa treatments to ease your aches and pains away

Updated 12 August 2023

If you’re working at a desk-bound job, chances are you’ve been leading a mostly sedentary lifestyle 5 days a week. Sitting hunched over a computer for long hours leaves you with tight hips, a bad back and not to mention stiff shoulders and neck. While a little self-discipline can help alleviate those symptoms, let’s be honest -- you’d much prefer laying and relaxing under the care of a masterful masseuse.

Scroll down for our recommendations on spa and massage treatments that’ll ease your aches and pains away:

HEIWA Wellness and Spa - Authentic Onsen Experience

Heiwa means ‘peace’ in Japanese. Their selection of services will certainly help you to easily infuse zen into your life. Start with a full Swedish or aromatherapy body massage to knead away the stresses of the day. If massages aren’t your thing, their pressure-point foot reflexology also does the trick. Then ease into the mineral-rich onsen bath to rejuvenate your skin and your senses. Complete your relaxing session with well-loved Japanese bites at their in-house Japanese restaurant, helmed by award-winning sushi expert Chef Wong. There’s a good selection of sushi as well as a carefully curated omakase experience, all prepared by skilled Japan-trained chefs.

Fuzzie privileges:

  • Free entry to the onsen for two persons (worth $68+ per pax). Top up $78 nett for both to add on a 1-hour full body massage and freshly prepared premium Japanese bento set (worth $149+)
  • For return visits: Fuzzie Ultimate Rejuvenation Pass for $108 nett per pax (UP $193+) - Spa Pass + 1-hour body/foot massage + premium Japanese bento set
  • You can invite guests to join you

Location: Harbourfront Centre

Chinois Spa @ Hotel Fort Canning

Boasting a 12 year track record and famous for their unique Organic Aromatherapy treatments, a session at Chinois Spa will leave you feeling fully revitalised. It's located within the tranquil luxury heritage Hotel Fort Canning.

Fuzzie Tranquility Escape: A specially crafted retreat designed to ease your stress and fully immerse you in zen calmness:

  1. Full Body Massage (option of Swedish or Signature) - 60 mins
  2. 1 Foot soak - 10 mins
  3. 1 Scented back scrub - 10 mins

Fuzzie privileges:

  • 80 minutes Fuzzie Tranquility Escape at $108 nett (UP $170) for singles and $208 nett (UP $340) for couples
  • 1-for-1 60 minute Organic Aromatherapy Facial with Couple Room at $158 nett
  • You can invite guests to join you

Fuzzie promise: No hard-selling, just great quality service

Location: Hotel Fort Canning (next to Plaza Singapura)

LifeSpa @ Carlton Hotel

On our list is the luxurious LifeSpa, with three of their outlets nestled in the heart of the city. Since 2015, LifeSpa has received a constant stream of accolades for their massages and facials, from Harper’s Bazaar, Singapore Women’s Weekly to Her World Spa Awards. With over 20 targeted body massage treatments aimed at alleviating muscle tension and inducing relaxation, you’re bound to find one that meets your body’s needs.

For first time visitors (and those who haven't visited in 12 months), you might want to get a taste of their classic tried-and-tested massages, and for Fuzzie members, you get to bring a loved one with you to enjoy a 60-min Deep Tissue or Javanese Body Massage with an Anti-Ache Therapy add-on at just S$35 nett per person (UP $255).

Fuzzie privileges:

  • First visit: 60 minutes Deep Tissue or Javanese Body Massage with an Anti-Ache Therapy add-on at just S$35 nett (UP $255) (you can bring along 1 additional guest)
  • For return visits: 30% off a la carte treatments all year long
  • You can invite guests to join you

Fuzzie promise: No hard-selling, just great quality service

Location: Carlton Hotel

Adeva - Luxury Spa @ Paragon

Next on our list is no other than the contemporary urban spa, Adeva. Having won multiple accolades from Harper’s BAZAAR, The Women’s Weekly, Cosmopolitan and Her World; Adeva has even clinched the Country title for Luxury Destination Spa in the 2019 World Luxury Spa Awards.

Nestled in the rooftop haven at Paragon, Adeva's facilities include private and couple spa suites, hydrotherapy zones, and relaxation lounges. You'll be treated to a unique sensorial experience and a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Fuzzie Body Rejuvenation Therapy: In collaboration with Adeva Spa, we have developed this exclusive spa retreat just for you. Available for couples or singles, our package will have you feeling pampered and relaxed. Package includes:

  • 60 minutes aromatherapy body massage
  • 30 minutes back or tummy mask
  • Inclusive of premium gold oil

Fuzzie privileges:

  • Fuzzie Body Rejuvenation Therapy for $118 (UP $308) for singles and $248 (UP $628) for couples
  • You can invite guests to join you

Fuzzie promise: No hard-selling, just great quality service

Location: Paragon

Masego - The Safari Spa

You don’t have to go all the way to Bali for a day at a nature spa resort. Situated in SAFRA Jurong, Masego is Singapore’s first and largest Safari-themed spa. Managed by the Mary Chia Group, this Safari haven promises to indulge your senses through signature spa therapy treatments under your very own canopy tent, as you relax to the ambient sounds of tropical nature.

Fuzzie privileges:

  • 60 minutes Fuzzie Spa Indulgence Massage at $58 nett (UP $308)
  • 1 for 1 a la carte treatments
  • All year long 20% off a la carte treatments
  • You can invite guests to join you

Fuzzie promise: No hard-selling, just great quality service

Location: Jurong SAFRA, Northshore Plaza 1

Moomin - Japanese Deep Sleep Dry Head Massage

If you’re suffering from stress-induced insomnia, migraines, or “brain fatigue”, this massage treatment from Moomin comes highly recommended by our Fuzzie team. Not to be confused with the adorable Swedish character, Moomin is actually an extremely popular Japanese spa that has garnered a monthly waiting list of over 400,000 people.

Named after their dry head massage technique, “Moo” means “massage” while “min” means “sleep”, which is exactly what they promise their dry head massage will help you do.

Fuzzie privileges:

  • 10% off 50 minutes Japanese Dry Head Massage treatments (UP $68)
  • You can invite guests to join you.

Fuzzie promise: No hard-selling, just great quality service

Location: Funan Mall, Vivo City

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