Purify the air you breathe and be healthy with Fuzzie's ultimate recommendation

Did you know the air indoors is typically dirtier than outdoors? Clean air starts with a great air purifier!

Purify the air you breathe and be healthy with Fuzzie's ultimate recommendation

Globally, the pandemic has closed doors but opened eyes when it comes to safeguarding your health against viruses and bacteria. Find out how you can keep your air super clean, avoid falling sick and save big with the best performing air purifier in the market.

The next time someone wonders aloud at how safety measures like contact tracing and wearing masks seem over-the-top given our low Covid-19 transmission numbers, do welcome them to the new norm. And I don’t mean the lack of free travel or daily reports. I mean the hyper-awareness of hygienic practices, public and personal sanitization, and social responsibility.

Not surprisingly, this transformation isn’t driven solely by public management, but individuals themselves in areas where you spend the most time and would naturally want to feel safest and cleanest in.  

What does science say?

So what’s the best way to kill bacteria and viruses? Hand sanitizers and good hygiene may take care of surfaces, but what about the air we constantly breathe? We don’t wear masks at home because we assume a clean home, air and all. If you wear one at work all day, then you must be wishing you didn't have to.

First we look at how viruses are spread. Covid-19 may not be an airborne virus, but like we said - the new norm is about reducing the risk of all illness via bacteria and viruses, many of which can be transmitted by fine aerosols from sneezing and coughing. Thankfully, there are ways to purify the air you breathe, just like - you guessed it - an air purifier!

The air indoors can be dirtier than outdoors

How does an air purifier work?

Did you know that the air indoors can be dirtier than outdoors? When you take into account the higher number of sources for air contaminants and moisture (prime conditions for mould and other fungi), it may not be such a stretch after all. But is there a best home air purifier?

Air purifiers, as the name suggests, clean the air you breathe indoors. There are different kinds of purifiers, each with their own methods and inconveniences:

Filtered purifiers trap dust particles from passing through, but are typically costly, and need to be cleaned/replaced often. Ozone generators alter oxygen molecules to create ozone, which is supposed to purify the air. However, ozone is an unpredictable, toxic gas that may be more harmful than useful. Activated charcoal filters absorb and trap passing particles, albeit how well it does this depends on how the charcoal is made, which can affect quality and efficiency. UV light purifiers use UVC light to destroy viruses and bacteria in the air.

Filtered home air purifiers need to be cleaned or replaced often

Which air purifier does Fuzzie recommend?

G9 Germ Killer kills 99.9% viruses and bacteria in the room

When it comes to ensuring the most comprehensive purification of your home air circulation, Fuzzie recommends the G9 Germ Killer, which utilizes the most intense UVC rays among home air purifiers in the market that has been scientifically proven in labs in Singapore to kill 99.99% viruses and bacteria and even MDROs (Multi-Drug Resistant Organisms). It works by sucking in the air and concentrating the rays inside ensuring that only thoroughly clean air passes through it. Since the UVC light is only directed inside the unit, there are no potential side effects, making it very safe for us to handle.

It doesn't take long to purify the air in your room

G9 Germ Killer is portable and can be plugged into any standard 220~240V outlet. Already being used in a growing number of clinics in Singapore, it is ideal for disinfecting place like offices, kitchens, restaurants, bathrooms, toilets, bedrooms, lifts, living rooms and classrooms too.

As a Fuzzie Member, our discount deal on the G9 Germ Killer actually makes it more affordable than other brands in the market, giving you the sweet combo of the most effective product for the lowest price.

More than eliminating illnesses

The importance of purifying air is just one way that we must learn from the Covid-19 experience. All in all, it is not just a lesson in how not to fall sick, but an opportunity to be healthy and well through all the things we do: from the food we eat, to the very air we breathe.

Working from home? Don't suffer poor air quality

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