Bookworms activate: Get your cheap textbooks and page-turners here!

Revising for exams? Need some lesson planning inspo? Or just need a good read for your next beach vacay? Here’s why Book Depository is our go-to online book retailer

Bookworms activate: Get your cheap textbooks and page-turners here!

Exams. A word that when uttered is capable of instilling ‘the fear’ into all. An unavoidable part of life, up there alongside paying taxes and death. With the ability to turn perfectly intelligent adults into quivering wrecks. Spare a thought then, for the ‘yoof’ of today who are arguably the most tested batch of students, ever. But in Singapore, trusty textbooks that make last-minute cramming a cinch are almost as expensive as school fees themselves (gah!). Which is why if you haven’t discovered Book Depository, you’re missing a trick.


Stocking everything from GCSE and A Level revision guides, to ‘how to write a dissertation’ for undergraduates and medical handbooks, this is a one-stop shop for all of your educational literary needs. Plus, if you’re a teacher you’ll find a whopping selection of guides, resources, and lesson planning inspo to boot. Bookworms, activate! Here’re a few reasons why you need to bookmark Book Depository in your browser.

1. It’s bargain central

Practically every book we’ve come across is discounted - huzzah! And get more book for your buck by checking Fuzzie first! We’re currently offering a 25% Book Depository discount card (valid for one year) for $10 and 30% cashback*!

2. Free worldwide delivery

Book Depository, we salute you! So few companies ship to the little red dot free of charge that when it happens, it kinda makes our day.

3. They stock every single book known to man

OK, we exaggerate. But they do have over 17 million titles available. If you can’t find it here, it probably ain’t worth reading anyway.

4. It’s not just educational

You’ll find all the cult kids classics (think Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton) in brand new, spiffy condition, best-selling page-turners, travel guides, cookery books, niche interest reads, audio books, and a whole heap more!

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